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Kernel Streaming


Does LA100 work well with Kernel Streaming, ASIO etc. connected to the USB port?

Re: Kernel Streaming

Hi Lars
The LA100 USB input can be used with ASIO. I have tested it with "Album Player" and the "asio4all" driver. Just remember it will only work with music sampled at 44.1k or 48k samplerates. Also remember Windows volume control (Wave) will be set for maximum. So if you use Windows Volumen control, then it will be set to maximum volumen.

Re: Kernel Streaming

If I connect the LA-100 to the USB port and the drivers installs it self and everything works, right, but I don´t understand if this also means it overrides the computers internal sound system, ie if I get the music bit for bit transported direct to the DAC. In windows 7, why use asio4all? Can´t I use WASAPI as well?
I use Foobar2000, can I do anything to get even better sound, or is plugging in the DAC just all I have to do?

Re: Kernel Streaming

Hi Pär Lindén,

In my opinion you don`t need Wasapi or ASIO in Windows7, because it gives priority to the soundcard you use. In this case you choose LA. I have tried both, but Directsound sounds better to my ears, in Winamp. Just disable Windows Sounds, and i think you should be good to go. If you can disable the volume control, and some other unneeded features in Foobar, it would probably be better.