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HTPC and LA100

I am planning to use LA100 on a "HTPC" and wonder if it will work with only 2 channels (L+R) even if I want to play movies that are played with DTS or Dolby digital sound etc?

Can the DAC LA-100 handle that and then how.

Re: HTPC and LA100

In short it is "yes", it will play as a stereo device and your media player will handle how it will play when playing surround sound(Stereo mix down , or front L+R). I tested the AC3 (Dolby 5.1) on VLC player. Here it detects the LA100 as a stereo device and you can select if you want a moxdown of all channels to stereo, or if you want to use it as Front Left and Front right.
Interesting question by the way, If we can setup the LA100(or LA200) with all 6 channels working then we can really have a top class surround system. It will be in our "to do list" absolutely.