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LA 100/200 USB digital connection with sony walkman

Can you please let me know one little details about the LA 100 and maybe the LA 200, is it possible to use a sony walkmans digital output on the
USB input of the LA's
Looking forward to be hearing from you, I remain,
Sincerely yours,

Precide SA


Re: LA 100/200 USB digital connection with sony walkman

The Sony Walkman uses a 22pin WM-Port connection, that includes USB and Analog Audio . Unfortunately it is a proprierity Sony interface (not public), so i have not been able to find out everything about it.

But if there is a WM-Port cradle on the market that converts to digital audio, then it will be possible.

But the USB can not be used because there is no USB "host". The Sony is a "device", and the LA100/200 is also a "device", and there must be a "host" (master).