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Hi! Does the LA-100 work on a Linux-system. Anything to keep in mind when using it with a PC running a Linux system?

Re: LA-100

It should work, because the USB is "driver less" . We use the driver from the windows system. Also it works with the ASIO4ALL driver.But i have not tried it yet. I will put on my to do list.

Re: LA-100

I have bought an LA-100. Great sound. Until now I have used it with windows 7, foobar and WASPI. But now I have also set up an old laptop with a Linux solution called VortexBox. Works great. Very cool so far. It is a server solution, so I can manage the player with a web-reader from any computer in our home. The thing I don´t have figured out yet is if I get bit-perfect data stream with this setup.

Re: LA-100

Thanks Pär
You tried it on one Linux distribution. The LA100 was designed to work with no hazzle, just plug and play. So no special drivers. It should be bit true, unless there is a resampler in the Linux system. But if your source is 44.1kHz (CD) then the LA100 tells the system that it understands 44.1k, so why should it resample? But maybe some hardcore Linux expert could answer more precisely?
USB is bit true(it just have lot of jitter..).

Re: LA-100

With bit-perfect I meant if the signal is processed in any way internally by the ¨Linux ALSA-mixer, but now I have learnt that Vortexbox bypass the mixer completly and the signal is not modified in any way.

Yes, I have understod that USB is bit-perfect, but produces a lot of jitter. This leads me to another question. I have for a While been considering buying a Sonos network system, just to be able to stream my music files from my main server to the HiFi system. I would then use the Sonos just as a transporting system for my data. In that case I would connect the Lead Audio DAC to a Sonos-player output with a coaxial or tosslink. I have read at some other forums that the Sonos are able to output a bit-perfect data-stream, but produces a lot of jitter. Do I understand it right if I conclude this is not a problem with the Lead Audio DAC, since it takes care of the jitter anyway?

Best Regards

Re: LA-100

The LA100 makes a reclocking of the S/PDIF signals. So as long as the S/PDIF receiver "PLL" can lock to the incomming signal, then it will be reclocked without jitter. It is a very essential part(and very expensive) of the LA100. It is quite normal to skip this step(and just use the PLL frequency as clock), but extremely important for professional gear (and High End equipment).

Re: LA-100

Hi again!
Thanks for your answer.

Søren Mac Larsen
The LA100 makes a reclocking of the S/PDIF signals. So as long as the S/PDIF receiver "PLL" can lock to the incoming signal, then it will be reclocked without jitter.

I don´t think I understand exactly what you mean with "as long as the S/PDIF etc...can lock to the incoming signal." How do I know if it can lock to the signal or not? Obviously it locked to the USB output from my computers, but how can I know if it is able to lock to a Sonos-player?

I have been listening to the DAC for a while now and I think it marvelous. I tell all my frinds to skip Spotify and Itunes etc. and get the real thing ;-)
I have a rather decent amplifier, but I am so happy with the DAC that I am actually considering the LA-200 later this year. I have noticed it is able to play files with higher resolution and frequency, which is becoming more and more common for downloading on some websites. I have not however found any reseller here in Sweden who seems to sell it.