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The best software for LA-100?

I'm probably the first in Russia who have bought this great DAC! Thank you very much and all the developers who are in any way associated with! Thank you!
Sound - very much, but eats a few questions. 1. It seemed to me that if you connect through the usb sound better than when connected via optical cable?! whether it makes sense to buy a converter device usb/spdif like this:
2. Will this case, the support of all prametrov sound, including 24/192?
3. How best to use the player to listen to the flac on the computer? And just what is necessary to make adjustments for a player foobar?

Re: The best software for LA-100?

Thanks for the great words.
1: Personally i prefer the USB sound. But if you have a lot of 192k/24 bit audio you should use the s/pdif coaxial input (optical goes only to 96kHz).So if this is the case you can use the m2tech converter, otherwize dont do it, because there will be more conversions (USB->s/pdif and s/pdif->i2s).
2: YES
3: The LA100 DAC uses the standard windows audio drivers and as such has nothing to do with the decoding of the audio(MP3, FLAC etc.) The decoding of the Audio is done entirely by the computer and decoded audio data is sent to the DAC. Too Play FLAC files on the Foobar you must donload and install a FLAC decoder.

Re: The best software for LA-100?

Thank you for your reply! The more I listen, the more I rejoice! The only thing I regret - is that not bought LA-200:). I used to be a system of the сomponent Musical Fidelity (I had to sell because the happy event happened in my life - a baby. Now only headphones:)) and was an adherent of the view that the computer can not be a high-quality hi-fi sound. Your device has convinced me otherwise!
Ps. Converter still ordered, because the built in output on my PC leaves yellow (realtek)..

Re: The best software for LA-100?

Today plugged LA-100 with M2Tech hiface (not for advertising!). Still very different sensations. Cable XLO. Sharpness computer sound was gone immediately, without losing details! The sound is more analog, in my opinion. In general, I still can not quite appreciate:) Thanks.