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Apple TV 2

Hi Lead Audio,

As I want to buy a DAC, I've been looking at the DAC market and came across your product. I haven't had the opportunity to try it, so my question is if you have any experience or recommendations about using it with the Apple TV 2.

Thanks in advance

Re: Apple TV 2

Hi Poul
It works very well with Apple TV. You just use the optical input on the DAC.

Re: Apple TV 2


I have an LA-200 (wonderful product) and indeed used this with a direct optical connection to and Apple TV 2. Works fine... except for leased films. It looks (hears) like the sound is encoded on those.

To fix this I used the optical output from my TV set, and there it's fine.

Already encountered this issue ?

Re: Apple TV 2

Interesting observation. Haven't tried it, but i can think of 2 reasons. One is that the optical outputs is encoded in dolby surround, with leased films. The other thing i can think of is that the sound is encrypted, and then it has to go through the HDMI on the TV.