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LA-100 and LA-200 (Same DAC & Headphone amp?)

Hi, Does the LA-100 have the same DAC/Headphone Amp section as the LA-200? Because i am considering using it only for headphones and don't really see a need for Speaker output, but if the LA-200 is better Amp then i might consider it.

Also i would use it for these headphones Ultrasone Pro 900, Alessandro MS-2, and Beyerdynamic DT48E 25ohms. Will they all work extremely well?


Re: LA-100 and LA-200 (Same DAC & Headphone amp?)

La100 and LA200 has the same headphone amplifier.
The Complete DAC circuitry from LA100 is included just for the headphone output.
The difference is that the LA100 has analog lineout, LA200 has speaker output.
The headphone output is better for 300 ohm headphones. 25 ohm will work fine, but is not the best match.