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LA-100 Volume control


Is the LA-100 volume control digital or analogue? I haven't been able to pinpoint this information from any source. Your product page tells LA-200 has a digital volume control, at least, but it's a different device. I have doubts about the longevity and left/right balance over the whole volume range of analogue controls, which is why I'm asking.


Re: LA-100 Volume control

The Volume control on LA100 is Analog(Works only on the Headphone). The volume control on LA200 is digital (but not reducing number of bits, because it is done in the DAC's reference circuit).
Best Regards

Re: LA-100 Volume control

Is there any chance the updated LA-100 will get volume control for the analog out as well so it can work as a pre-amp? Or will the LA-200 get analog out in the future so it can double as a pre-amp?

Re: LA-100 Volume control

The Updated LA100 will be LA120 and it will have the long wanted volume control on the analog output, so it can be used as preamp.
LA200 is allreday prepared for analog output, and can be updated.

Re: LA-100 Volume control

Thanks for replying so quickly Søren, and excellent news! What other improvements can we expect from the LA-120? With improved USB (24/96) & analog in I wouldn't mind paying €500 or even €600; I'll even buy a better matching headphone (instead of my 32Ohm AKG K550) if the high impedance remains required ;-)

Re: LA-100 Volume control

Hi Jos
I am very excited about LA120, because it started out as a minor update, but it ended as a complete new serie. And one of the improvements is a more power full headphone output (double power). A lot more details, will follow soon. We are very busy prepairing for the show...

Re: LA-100 Volume control

Hi Søren,

Looking forward to all details; I'll hold off ordering an Audiolab M-DAC for now then ;-) Good luck with the preparations and have a great show!

best, Jos