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Feedback on LA-200

I wanted to provide you with some feedback about the LA-200, as I now have this product for a couple of months.

First of all, and way more important than al the rest, the sound is fantastic.

I have however a couple of minor issues with the LA-200:

The external power supply:
Yes I know, this is not easy to integrate. I hate external power supplies, you can't cut them off, they are (often) noisy, and cumbersome. I would really love to see a bigger, heavier LA-200 with integrated supply. And by the way, that would solve one issue: the device is too light, it moves when one uses the switches.

Additionally, the power plug is too loose: it will often unplug when I move the device (and I move it quite often because it doesn't stay in place).

The number of digital inputs:
I'm out of space ! I use a (digital) iPod dock, a CD, a TV set and I'm done. I want to add other devices, the only solution I can see for the time being is too connect the CD on the analog input to free a digital one.

Once again, minor issues, on a extraordinary product. I hope you will be able to address them in the future: I'm eagerly waiting on LA-300 !

Very kind regards,

Re: Feedback on LA-200

Hi Marc
Wonderfull to get some feedback!. How can we improve otherwize?
External power supply is a must when you sell worldwide, and have to comply with all kind of regulations for safety. And also we think the product should be small.
About weight we agree it should be more heavy, but then freight cost will go up. You can make it more heavy by attaching some heavy metal on the bottom. There are selfadhesive acoustic damping for cars available ,that is very usefull(black). It will also improve sound, we have tried it with very good result.
Power plug has been an issue, and we are looking for a better type.
Number of digital inputs must increase, this is also our conclusion. Many have CD,TV,Playstation,DVD,AppleTV and then it is not enough.
Beest regards

Re: Feedback on LA-200

Hi, I'm interested in this "digital amp" and I' read a few revies out there on the web. Looks just like what I'm looking for. An amplifier with digital input? I'm surprised hat there are so hard to find. I like this one because is a bit more powerfull than others I've seen like the nuforce, temple audio o kingrex amps dacs.
I just want to ask a couple of questions:
Does it perform well with bookshelf loudspeakers 6"? I havea classic Seas Embla Diy kit, I'm not sure the spl or impedance but it must be arround 88 dB. I build this kit with high quality crossover parts
Secondly, have you tried to plug the USB with an Ipad and the camera connection kit? There is more and more people useing the Ipad as a digital source and the camera connection kit. As far as I can see that is just plug and play, but not all usb dacs will work. For instance I have a qnktc usb dac and it wont recognise the ipad. I must use a powered usb hub for that.
Oh sorry I forgot, but is the usb 16/ 44 48 rate? Is this upgradeable with software?
Thanks for the kind advise and help.

Re: Feedback on LA-200

Hi John,

I can't tell if the LA-200 will perform with your kind of speakers. What I can testify is that this amp is just AMAZING.

I use(d) to listen to music with headphones and a (very) good headphone amp. I just can't stop listening to this amp with my speakers, it's just as if... they are performing in your room.

I can say one thing for sure: give it a try, there's no chance you will regret.


Re: Feedback on LA-200

Hi John
The amplifier is amazing.
The "Apple" connection (IPAD,IPOD,IPHONE) is a USB power connection and an analog input. It has been tested with many of these, but have not been tested with the camera kit.
The USB is up to 48k and not sw upgradeable.