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Since la-100 is updated to la-120, I wondered if there will be a la-220 as well?

Re: La-220?

Sure we are working on a LA220 upgrade. It will come 3 quarter of 2012. Any inputs are wellcome. Remote control and upgrade are USB are mandatory for this version.

Re: La-220?

Hi Sören,

I am a (very) happy owner of an LA-200, but I will surely buy and upgrade.

My wish list is
- better power connector
- heavier (sounds stupid but the unit is too light)
- more (digital) inputs
- a bit more power ?

and last but not least...

an apple certified USB input for iDevice docking cable, so I can get rid of my (digital) docking station !

Anyhow, I am eagerly waiting for this new product, and by the way the LA-300 !

Kind regards,

Re: La-220?

Well Sören! I´ve had the LA 100 right from the beginning, and I really like the sound, it´s crisp, clear and most important of all = the sound is punchy, involving and It´s very easy to listen to (don´t change the sound too much in a future upgrade). The most important upgrade for me would be wireless connectivity. A quality 24-Bit , 192KHz, Wireless connection (like the Audioengine D2 Premium). That would be a future proof upgrade for me.

Re: La-220?

Thanks, I agree on all issues! But the digital IPOD input is not possible for a small company like us! Apple
is a big company and they request things that small companies are unable to handle ( A high starting fee, a lot of testing on many samples etc).

Re: La-220?

Hello Sören,

might the new Lightning connector from Apple change the rules here ? My understanding is that there is no more line-out on this new connector, this could imply that all new audio accessories have easy access to the audio in a digital format.

Would be great.


Re: La-220?

It is too early to tell. But Apple is a major player ...
Problem with Apple is that normally it is under licence and NDA. And they have to approve it. So it takes time and cost money (a lot).