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Active Speaker Module availability for consumers

Hi there,

I'm wondering if you know a way for me (a consumer) to get hold of one or several active speaker modules, as I would like to use them in speakers that I'll be building. The distributor here in the Netherlands informed me, I can only purchase them per 100 pieces or more. As is it's simply a hobby for me and I'm not rich, this is not feasible for me. Do you have any suggestions?

Best regards,

Re: Active Speaker Module availability for consumers

Hi Matt,

With our sorry, ASM-200 is for OEM use which can consume minimum production lot of 100 pcs. Also it needs intensive consulting work to the user for tuning and optimization. Due to limited resource, it is difficult for Lead Audio to offer that kind of individual service.
Lead Audio is looking for any distribution candidate for the ASM-200 which can do world wide marketing and sales with consulting services. As soon as we make a contract with the distributor, we will inform the distributor to you for your consulting parter.

Best regards

Simon Kang
Managing Director
Lead Audio