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LA-100 vs Logitech Duet (analog PSU) no audible difference?


I'm looking to further improve audio quality that comes out of the Duet receiver.
Replacing the standard Duet's Wall Wart PSU by a linear analog one gave audible improvements (better separation, better frequency response). Using the cinch analog out.
A friend of mine measured that even the digital output of the Duet improves with this PSU.

Now I have an LA-100 on trial. I have connected it using Coax from Duet. Cinch to amp (Marantz NR1601).
I have good full range floor standing speakers and a Sennheiser HD380Pro (very good for accurate monitoring).

Played various types of music, but I cannot hear a difference in sound. Maybe the LA-100 is a little brighter. But I
am looking for better placement of the instruments and better separation.

I've also connected a macbook pro via S/PDIF to the LA-100 and played the same music (SqueezePlay synced).
And switched back and forth. No difference.

I do notice an improvement via the headphone out of the LA-100. It is better than the Marantz headphone
output. Clearly audible.

Anyone having similar experiences? Maybe someone can point out a piece of music and the differences to listen to?
Is this LA-100 mainly meant as a USB to headphone device? (sounds definitely awesome)
Maybe the Wolfson DAC in the Duet is comparable to the Burr Brown of the LA-100 and the analog circuitry around it doesn't give audible differences?