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Few questions on LA-120 dac/pre

Hi there,

I'm interested in the (black version) LA-120 for (direct) use with active speakers.
Have some questions though.

1. I noticed there are no gold plated rca and headphone outputs on the photo's. Or is this a pre-production model? Would be nice to have some, like on the LA-100.

2. Is the LA-120 B a fully balanced design internally? Or does it have 'just' xlr-options. In that case the xlr might not ne very beneficail to rca.

3. There are 4 digital inputs. Only 3 can be selected. 1 optical and coax share the same input?

4. Does the C-version also have a remote when desired?

5. Can the B version be upgraded with the battery power, later on? Or do I have to purchase the C version right away?

Sorry don't want to sound critical, just interested, :)

Thanks in advance!


Re: Few questions on LA-120 dac/pre

There are gold on all contact surfaces . We even had our own Headphone connector manufactured to get gold on the surface of the contacts. But they made an error and removed the gold on the visible ring on the outside (but it is only for appearance, it has no contact to anything!)
We use only high performance connectors , and gold is essential.

LA120B is fully balanced. the balanced +, and - signal and derived from same source and minus is NOT just the plus inverted!

Digital inputs are seperate(the 4th is selected via 2 leds on at the same time)

LA120B/C are both with remote.

We plan to make it possible to upgrade later to the C version.

Many thanks for your interest!!

Re: Few questions on LA-120 dac/pre

Thanks a lot!

Looks great!

Looking forward to the release.