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LA-100 Win7 driver name


I bought the LA-100 USB-DAC from local well known and reliable web store here in Finland. The front panel of the DAC says "Lead Audio LA-100" and in the bottom there is a sticker mentioning "Made in DENMARK" along with other information e.g. serial number. As it should be, I assume.

I connected the DAC to my PC which is running Windows 7 with SP1. The odd thing is that the windows names the device as "TOANY TD100 USB-DAC" after installing it's drivers.

The question is, should it be named like that i.e. is the driver/device name correct in windows' audio device manager?
OR did windows install some "wrong" kind of drivers with that label?
OR is this device NOT genuine?

I'am asking this because I noticed in some other forum message that there are fake DACs labeled as TOany TD-100. But as I mentioned, this DAC has the front panel with Lead Audio LA-100 text, unlike the aforementioned fake DAC.

Thanks for your answer,

Re: LA-100 Win7 driver name

Dont worry your LA100 is a true LA100. Our prototype name was TD100, that is why it says TD100 in the windriver.

Re: LA-100 Win7 driver name

Thanks for the information.