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Volume control

Hi again,

I have question related to the LA-100 volume control.

I have Windows 7 and I have connected the LA-100 via the USB cable. Windows detects the DAC as an audio device/speaker as it should. But the problem is that I can't adjust the volume with windows' master volume slider (the speaker icon with slider in lower right corner). The LA-100 is selected as default audio device.

This is not a problem when using headphones since their own volume control in DAC. But while listening thought line out, I have to use media player's own volume control since the windows' volume control does nothing. This also happens with my tabletop PC and laptop. Volume level won't change even if muted through master volume control (media players own mute function does work).

Should it be like that, or is there some bug/problem?

(And just to mention, since this is my first USB DAC, I don't have any previous experiences with these kind of devices)

Re: Volume control

It is not an error. We did it on purpose like this. This is because if the volume is not on maximum, then resolution is not maximum. Or in other words : you will loos bits.
Sorry for late replay, i did answer early,but it was never uploaded.