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MacBook can´t find my LA-100 via USB

I have a MacBook Pro (OSX10.7.7) and I have tried to get my music to my stereo system via a USB-cable (high quality!) to the LA-100 and then to my amplifier. My MacBook just can't find the LA-100. Tested both USB-ports, starting the computer first, starting LA-100 first. What to do?

Re: MacBook can´t find my LA-100 via USB

Please test the LA100 on a windows PC.
LA100 is used on MAC also,so there should be no problem.
If the problem still exist, please consult your dealer .

Re: MacBook can´t find my LA-100 via USB

Hi Rikard,

Here are additional explanations.

(Step 1) LA-100 should work automatically if it is connected with Mac. To check whether product has a problem, please connect it with Windows as Soren guided. If it works with Windows well, we can say product itself is OK.

(Step 2) If LA-100 works with Windows well, please connect USB cable with Mac again and turn off main power of LA-100(Back panel) and then turn on it again. Please check LA-100 works with Mac.

(Step 3) If LA-100 doesn't work with Windows as well, there is a possibility of USB cable problem. Sometimes USB cable doesn't transmit power but transfer signal only. Please try again with other USB cables.

(Step 4) If LA-100 still doesn't work with Windows with other USB cables, it can be a problem of LA-100 itself. In that case, please consult with your dealer for the repairing.