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NF versus LA-120


new NF is an interesting product. However, I wonder what is the difference between these. USB is better in NF but what else? Is the DA-converter same? Is there any difference when using headphones ?, ...

Re: NF versus LA-120

Hi Jore,

LA-120 and NF DAC are basically same in terms of Digital to Analog converting technology.
Differences are...
.LA-120 adapted 24Bit/96KHz of USB sampling frequency and NF DAC adapted 24Bit/192KHz.
.LA-120 can be extended to variable options(Unbalanced/Balanced/Remote/CleanPower(Battery) but NF DAC offers only one choice.
.LA-120 is a limited edition with handmade concept but NF DAC is an industrial product(professional design) with enough quantity.
Audio quality of both models is very good and has enough value to have. Overall, it is a user's choice with his/her preference.