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LA-100 gives me electric shocks

My LA-100 unit regularly gives me electric shocks (not serious) through headphones (closed, open and in-ear types) especially if I move (even if not sitting). Sometimes LA-100 may even reset. I find this quite inconvenient because the electric shocks I get are pretty uncomfortable. It could be somewhat related to static electricity from chair etc. but have never experienced this with other devices. Is there any way to prevent this somehow and would like to know what is causing this and if someone else has experienced this?

Re: LA-100 gives me electric shocks

Dear Petri,
It is the first time for me to hear the phenomena....
It seems like that there is ESD problem in the device.
We will check internally and give feed back to you soon.

Re: LA-100 gives me electric shocks

Probably it is from your computer. Is the computer grounded?
Computers have a built in filter on the mains ,and if ground is not connected, then there is a small current that will flow through the USB cable's ground and to ground (chassis) of the LA100.

Re: LA-100 gives me electric shocks

I have connected LA-100 with Audioquest usb cable to my Lenovo laptop and both la-100 and laptop are connected to APC socket which in turn is connected to grounded mains socket. I will try connecting la-100 to different usb port and try with different laptop or without power cable if it helps to see if problem persists.