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NF DAC(24bit/192KHz) has been launched

NF DAC which is featured as 24bit/192KHz USB has been launched. This model has attracted big interests from the development stage with its rich specifications and beautiful design appearance. After starting delivering to the testers and reviewers, this model already have received a lot of praises with its amazing sound quality, professional design and rich usability. We hope you to contact distributor or dealer nearby your residential area to enjoy testing from the first landing products. Please refer to the more information from the homepage of Lead Audio ( - message from Lead Audio

Re: NF DAC(24bit/192KHz) has been launched

Yes, very interesting product. However, I prefer the look of LA-120 being more old-fashioned :)

I read the manuals but it is difficult to catch up what are the differences between LA-120 and NF besides the USB.

It the headphone part the same in both of them?

Re: NF DAC(24bit/192KHz) has been launched

Yes. LA-120 and NF DAC are both very good products.Main differences are USB and design appearance. You can choose either one with your own preference.Thanks!