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DAC chips of DAC devices

Hi Simon, Soren and all Lead Audio staff, users and people whom interested in LA devices! Hello from Russia! :)

I have some questions and may be Soren can answer on it in full details.

I saw that in LA-100 the chip is PCM1796.
In the new NF DAC the chip is PCM1796 too.

May be an answers will be too long, but I want to know:
1) What chip is in the LA-120 DAC?
2) Why PCM1796 from TI?
3) Why not PCM1794?
4) Why not WM8740 or WM8742 from Wolfson or SABRE32 ES9018?
May be any instrumental properties, hardware test and Your own point of view.
Please figure out what do You think about DAC chips.

Thanks for Your attention and sorry for my English.

Re: DAC chips of DAC devices

We are so pleased with the sound of PCM1796 that we still use it. We have tried the Wolfson also and it also sounds very good. But the "secret" of making the best sound is to match the DAC with the analog circuitry following it and in the PCM1796 it is a current output (the wolfson is a Voltage output).
We have optimized our product for the PCM1796 and so far the limiting factor is not the DAC chip, but the surrounding amplifier, power supply and clock circuitry.
Best regards