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NF DAC is unavailable in Russia

We can not to listen product. Only to buy and to buy it tooks 2 months...

On the dealer's site:

"Внешний ЦАП Lead Audio NF DAC Silver
Ориентировочная дата поставки товаров Lead Audio под заказ: начало августа"

that means:

External DAC Lead Audio NF DAC Silver
Approximately date of receiving of Lead Audio products by preliminary order is about beginning of August.

Not so fast receiving and no ability to listen, only to buy.

I've send a letter to dealer yesterday about how to listen the NF DAC. Nobody answered, but may be cause of only 1.5 days old letter.

Re: NF DAC is unavailable in Russia


We are sorry to hear that.
We will check the status and improve the delivery process in Russia.