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Driver installation for Windows

Here are tips how to install XMOS driver and operate.

(1) Connect NF DAC with PC with enclosed USB cable in the packing box
(2) Power on NF DAC.
(3) Put the enclosed installation CD in the PC and double click "setup.exe" file in the XMOS_drivers folder in the CD drive. (This CD doesn't support auto installation)
Download file from the download page in the Lead Audio website and double click "setup.exe" file after unzip.
(4) If the driver is not installed, please power-off and power-on NF DAC then repeat (3).
(5) Go to "Sound and Audio set up" in the "Control Panel" of Windows and select xmos output 2.0 as a sound output equipment.
(6) Check your Audio player whether it requires change of output equipment setting.
-> choose XMOS
(7) Enjoy listening NF DAC