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Driver installation for MAC

Here are tips how to install XMOS driver and operate.

(1) Connect NF DAC with PC with enclosed USB cable in the packing box
(2) Power on NF DAC
(3) Go to the setup of MAC and check whether XMOS has been detected automatically
(4) If it is not detected, please Power-off and Power-on again.
(5) You will see error message "uncontrollable equipment" or similar. Please ignore it.
(6) Check your Audio player whether it requires change of output equipment setting.
-> choose XMOS.
(7) Enjoy listening NF DAC

Re: Driver installation for MAC

I have a LA100 and the sound does not work. But my dac is recognized by the mac. Master volume control for both Line-In built and for external USB is disabled (grayed out). I do not know where to put the drivers into osx ...? Are you shure it's not just for Windows ?
Thanks and best regard

Re: Driver installation for MAC

Hi Mik
You don't need any drivers for MAC. They are already in the OS.
I suggest you try on another computer, to see if there is anything wrong with the LA100.
Many people use MAC with LA100, so it works.

Re: Driver installation for MAC

Hi Soren,
Thank you for the explanation. Dac works!