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Low (fixed) output voltage?

Hi, I have been looking for a DAC to my system and found LA-100 which seemed very interesting. However, I found some remarks of low output voltage. I searched on and found the LA-120 which had fixed that problem, but I couldn't find any resellers, and now I found that it has been replaced by the NF DAC that went back to 1V RMS in fixed output. Aren't amplifiers optimized for about 2V like the output from LA-120? Or am I mixing up peak-to-peak with RMS? Even if it only means that I will have to turn up the volume that will be messy when switching sources :S, or?


Re: Low (fixed) output voltage?

Hello Tobias,

Fixed Line Output voltage of NF DAC is 2.7Vrms Max.
We found an error of voltage indication in our brochure after seeing your post.
We really appreciate you to point out this.
Specification in the brochure will be corrected soon.

Thanks again!