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Wireless solution?


I can see in the specs of NF-AMP D Theres described:

Wireless solution : Bluetooth Input(APTX)

Does that mean that you can play your music directly from a mobile phone?


Re: Wireless solution?

Hello Jorgen,

Yes. Our intention is playing music from the mobile device directly with Bluetooth.
However, with our sorry, launch schedule of the Digital Amp may be delayed to next year to meet more urgent requests for the high-end DC Adapter from market. We will launch the DC Adapter around the end of this year and NF AMP-D will be followed next year. Detail specification of the DC Adapter will be introduced through our homepage soon.

Re: Wireless solution?

Hi Again...

This I find to be a very very smart move from Lead Audio..... We know everyone the situation, where someone would like to play some music files from a phone or another mobile device and it's sounds horrible from the mobile device.... At this way it cannot be easier to share some good audiophile music.

Nice indeed....

You say Next year about the AMP-D..... Does that mean first quarter or january?


Re: Wireless solution?

It will be the first quarter.

Re: Wireless solution?

Oh no!?

Today I see that you have changed the release date of DAC D to second quarter 2014.... May I ask why there is so dramatical delay on this unit?.... It was difficult enough to wait before, - now the chances are up to one year before we see the unit on the market...:-(

Happy new year anyway...:-)

Best regards

Jørgen Raun

Re: Wireless solution?

Hi Jørgen,

Sorry for the change of product launch schedule.
It was mainly from the distributors' requests of Audio DC Power Supply prior to Digital Amp. We will release preliminary specification of our DC Audio Power Supply soon.
Another reason is our changed plan of adding DSD feature in the Digital Amp.
We hope your kind understanding about the schedule change of Digital Amp...