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LA200 output and knob issues

i just bought the LA200 and happily bought it home and start to connect to my digital player, my iMac. using MX1 Mission speakers.
I use it with my Grado Allesandro Cans and everything sounds so good and i love it.
After a few days of use, when i switch on my LA200, it seems that the output is not working properly, with no indication that the knob turn to Low,Direct,High, and the Phones( with no LED lights)
can the output knob be turn from left to right with no stops at all?
when i plug in my headphones, with the lowest level on the volume knob,
theres sound coming out from my headphones, and to the speakers too. please help!

1. the output Knob is not working( no indication it stops at Low, Direct, high, Phones
2. there's sound leak from the speakers when i use my headphones

plese help because i just had it for few days
please advice

Re: LA200 output and knob issues

Dear Mr Rayman
From your description i think there is an error in the output swtich.
The Output switch can turn forever round , but it should have "clicks".
Does is it have clicks? If not it is defective.
It is a rotary encoder, and detection of direction is done in Software.
From your description, it seems like it only detects left turn (or no turns at all).
If so you must return it for repair.
The low sound from the speakers is normal, and indicates that headphones are seleted.

You can also try and unplug the power, and replug it. It can help if the software is stuck.

Re: LA200 output and knob issues

Thank you for the lightning Fast reply
it's seems allright now after i unplugged and plugin back and everything goes fine. Love it!