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Power supply for NF-384 DAC.

Hi I'm looking to get a better power supply for the NF-384.

Was looking at low noise/ripple, linear, and was wondering about the input voltage. Is it best to be exactly 12v, or is there a voltage range that is acceptable? A lot of power supplies are designed to output 13.8v, would this be too high?

Also can I run it from a 12v car battery, where the fully charged voltage would be around 13.8v and the low charge voltage would be around 10.5v?

Many thanks

Re: Power supply for NF-384 DAC.

would this one work in 12V , Max 1.2A configuration?

Re: Power supply for NF-384 DAC.

here is another one at 12V 2A DC

Re: Power supply for NF-384 DAC.


You need 12V maximum 12.5V and minimum 11.5V, so a car batteri is not a good idea.

Re: Power supply for NF-384 DAC.

I think it is fine. But be sure the voltage is between 11.5 and 12.5V..