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Benefits of Hosting Drake Tax Software Over The Cloud

Adequate Data Security
For every business, the security of the data that they possess, and handle is very important. The modern digital age and the pandemic around has constrained businesses to the work-from-home environment increasing the risk of ransomware attacks and security breaches and an illegal leak of confidential data. Not every business can afford strong security as they need to hire cyber security specialists to maintain the overall security. Drake when hosted on the cloud is directly monitored and maintained by the hosting providers.

Disaster Recovery
Natural calamities such as earthquakes and storms can cause damage to various businesses and their infrastructure. After such calamities, it becomes difficult to recover data from the on-premise servers and may lead to data loss and even loss of business reputation and trust in the market. With Hosted Drake Software all the data and forms are stored on the secured servers provided by the cloud providers. This means that the businesses are prepared for such situations as data backup and recovery are ensured with facilities such as data replication the cloud servers located in multiple geographical locations. Even if one server gets affected by the disaster, the data can easily be recovered from other servers.

Cost Cutting
When a business traditionally implements Drake Tax Software in their workflow, they need to set up a dedicated in-house server to store all the data and run the software. They would need a complete IT infrastructure that includes the hardware and also the hiring of IT professionals for regular server maintenance. This means that businesses need to invest a huge chunk of their finance in establishing the server and also bear the never-ending overhead expenses for server maintenance. Drake can Easily be hosted on virtual environments such as Microsoft Virtual Desktop and host other applications too which are used in business.

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