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Benefits Of Adopting SharePoint Online

1. SharePoint acts as your centralized hub:
One of the biggest advantages of SharePoint Online is that it’s a cloud solution, you can access anywhere, at any time. It also acts as a centralized hub for storing your files in one easy-to-access location. Your team does not need to hunt down information or documents. Instead, they can easily search for your document on the SharePoint hub. You can also secure your documents with different permission rights like reading, reading/writing, etc. Finally, you can access all your office documents from a PC, laptop, mobile or tablet. SharePoint works on Android, Apple and Windows devices. Businesses can migrate to SharePoint Online using SharePoint Online Migration Services.

2. Easy Collaboration tool
SharePoint Online makes it easy for co-workers to collaborate online. For example, saving documents in OneDrive allows users to share documents with multiple people and giving them permission for real-time editing thus keeping the copy updated. You can have different people working on a proposal or spreadsheet from multiple offices and locations. Each user’s changes get tracked, so it is possible to see who edited which portions. Furthermore, OneDrive automatically creates versions of the saved documents, so nothing gets lost. If a file is accidentally deleted or overwrites occurs, OneDrive can restore the document to a the previous version. The recycle bin functions as a catch-all for the times when a file is deleted in error, so it can be retrieved without loss of content.

3. Seamless integration with MS Office services and other systems
SharePoint online offers seamless connectivity to the entire suite of Microsoft Office products. If you use Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word or Outlook daily in your workplace, you will find an easy option to import and export documents from your SharePoint list into other applications. The integration also gives you the option of quickly editing documents in your browser or opening them natively on your desktop, but no the matter which you choose, the changes will be saved in the drive. Also, SharePoint integrates with many enterprise systems (CRM, ERP, project management systems, etc.), which allows the company’s ability to create cross-department workflows.

4. Customizable solutions
Another popular reason companies use SharePoint is that the tool allows extensive customization capabilities such as
a. Creating custom workflows
b. Building system notifications based on your triggers
c. Branding the site/ app with your organization’s logo/ colors

5. Limitless OneDrive storage
OneDrive for Business gives you the option to keep documents on the cloud versus saving your files on local storage. OneDrive for Business gives employees a personal site where they can sync and share documents, collaborate on documents with individuals inside and outside the organizations, and access their content from multiple devices. You can also control individual permissions on OneDrive if you want to share your documents with specific colleagues.

6. Enhanced security
SharePoint has enterprise-level security features to keep your documents safe. Microsoft has an entire website devoted to security and compliance. Hosting operations through a single, integrated platform also reduces your vulnerability to holes, leaks, and attacks across multiple systems. Additionally, you can also protect your organization by monitoring user behavior, to ensure all employees and contractors comply with your internal usage policies.

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