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Why to use Microsoft Access Cloud?

Microsoft Access solutions include the new and improved version of Microsoft Access Online Database on the cloud. It lets you and your teamwork from anywhere and access the database from any device. The experience is like you’re working on your own computer, but in reality, you’re working on the cloud version that comes with several advantages. Working and performing numerous tasks have become very fast, and all you need is an internet connection wherever you go. The leading advantages are:


Use Your Database Online Without Changes
You can migrate your Access database as it is online to the cloud version without making any changes. Enjoy the power to use the data on a cloud desktop just like you access files in the office, but this time, from anywhere.

You Can Work Online from Anywhere
Cloud computing empowers you and your team to access the database from several different locations at the same time, including at work, at home, while traveling, while sitting in the café or the park, and even while flying.

Use All Your Devices and Browsers
You have the freedom to use your own laptop, tablet, desktop, and even your smartphone without any hassles. It also works seamlessly on multiple browsers like Chrome, Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer, and others on Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux.

Access Is Faster Online
Microsoft Access databases work very fast online when they’re on the cloud compared to using them in the office that often restricts internet usage and slows down the work.

Enjoy Fully-Manages Services
You enjoy 24/7 assistance from the management team to enjoy a seamless cloud experience without spending a penny.

Enjoy Dual Backups
Businesses enjoy daily backups in two different top-tier SSAE-16 certified data centers for free.

You Can Use Multiple Monitors
Many business tasks require you to use two or more monitors simultaneously. The cloud desktop lets your team members use several monitors at the same time.

Share Drives and Printers
An exceptional benefit of the Access database on the cloud is the easy sharing of files and folders. The back-end data files are placed in a shared folder, and even hard drives and printers can be shared with cloud technology.

Microsoft Office 365 Ready
You have the power to use Microsoft Office 365 on cloud desktops in case you need more than Access. You can use Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Publisher simultaneously.

No Corruption
There’s absolutely no chance for your data to get corrupt by using cards and old hardware. A cloud desktop environment is constantly updated, and the database will run on online cloud computing.

The Takeaway
Microsoft Access migration to a cloud desktop is a simple and quick affair. It’s a significant upgrade on your older desktop version that takes your data storage into the future of cloud computing.

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