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Re: What are your top five favorite Christian albums?

In No particular Order except top 5 (Top 15)

1. Fight the Tide (Sanctus Real)
2. Galactic Conquest (Eleventy Seven)
3. Dear Diary (FM Static)
4. Pieces of a Real Heart (Sanctus Real)
5. Over and Underneath (Tenth Avenue North)
6. Above the Goldenstate (Above the Goldenstate)
7. Light up the World (Desperation Band)
8. Searchlights (Abandon)
9. Smile its the End of the World (Hawk Nelson)
10. All Relient K Albums (If that Counts)
11. We Need Each Other (Sanctus Real)
12. Church Music (David Crowder Band)
13. And the Lake of Fake Believe (EleventySeven)
14. By the Tree Root (By the Tree)
15. Danyew (All eps)

And many more, to many to list lol

School & Year: Caleodonia 2012

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