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One Hundred Thoughts

I am one hundred thoughts away, Lord
And I’m trying to find my way back
My prayers should be copious, each and every day
But somehow, Lord, I’m lacking
I find myself in diffidence, but this is what I was created for
I am dilatory to stand up, Lord, help me speak out
I see people and their duplicity
It’s so egregious, Lord God, help to me stay strong
You are my strength, You are my light, You are my identity
I don’t understand, Lord, how they can be so dispassionate to You, my Savior
Help me to elucidate the power of the Gospel to them,
For darkness is destruction; only light can bring salvation
I’ve witnessed this light, let me help other see it too
For I’d rather have them take the devil than have the devil take them.

School & Year: TKHS 2011