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Want to learn to be a Cameraman?

If you go to the AM service at Peace (and you should!) you might have noticed that we're starting to record Pastor Adam's sermons with two video cameras. One is behind the sound booth and the other is over where many of the youth sit. I've been doing it the first two weeks, but I think this is something that some of you might enjoy learning to do as well. In fact, I think we could probably cover this ministry with people from high school and college.

So, if you are interested in doing this, let me know. I will want to train you in doing this, because we want good footage of Pastor Adam's messages so that it can be edited and the finished product can be something very nice. We want to start making DVDs of the series as well as putting the messages online each week.

We can set up a rotation with the people we train to do this (and who end up doing it well.) But I have to tell you up front, this will require your concentration. You can't just set up the camera and let it run. We want the shots to be zoomed in, and that means paying attention and following Pastor Adam as he moves around. Sometimes it will mean zooming in or out depending on what is going on and the emotion of the sermon at that moment. It's an art. I can teach you, but it is also something that some people have the feel for and some people don't.

These cameras are also big $$$$$ so I need to teach you how to respect them and use them correctly.

Also, you will have to stand and do this. That's not a big deal but you should know that up front. We're only recording the sermon with Camera 2, so it's not a big deal. (Pastor Adam stands for the whole thing too you know.)

So again, if you want serve by learning to be a cameraman or camerawoman, let me know! I can start to show someone how to do it this Sunday already.

(If you have a real eye for this, I might be able to use you also when we start to shoot Powerman and Mosquitoboy 4.)