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Fare thee well, dearest board of messages...

Back in my day, you were state of the art, you were cool and cutting edge. (I can't believe I have a day.) Facebook killed all of the fun things... like this board, and guestbooks, and webpages, and blogs, and Xanga... actually, advertisements killed Xanga... but still.

I remember threads that would last two pages... the time when Mike posted the story that never ended or the... other fun things we'd post... yup yup. People used to share their testimonies and sometimes it was an ice breaker to new friendships.

Dear message board, I will miss you dearly. Au revoir.

School & Year: MBI 2010

Re: Fare thee well, dearest board of messages...

It makes me feel good that people cared enough about the message board to say goodbye to it! At least it was loved once upon a time.

(Okay, I felt compelled to check the message board... even though it's supposed to be "dead." I've spent over a decade checking this thing every day. how am I supposed to break out of that habit?!)

Re: Fare thee well, dearest board of messages...

I too, am of that day, Jenny. Heck, I even remember the GUEST BOOK! Where we would learn the utmost of important things about our fellow youth group members...their favorite movie and five words about themselves...and "anything else they would like to say," which often included prayer requests.

So, along with the guest book, the chat room (did we have a chat room??), and the directory, we say good bye to the message board, and good bye to an era. It was loved, once upon a time.

On another note...every SINGLE day? Don't you have like...children? And...stuff?

School & Year: Cal 07

Re: Fare thee well, dearest board of messages...

Wow... the guest book. There also used to be surveys. Those were fun. I tried to have a lot of interactive stuff on the website to keep people coming back to it. But over time those things got used less and less.

Yes, there WAS a chat room, briefly, but it didn't work out well because if someone wasn't in there already, then people would just check it, see that no one was in there and then leave. Two people had to check it at the same time, and that didn't happen much.

And as far as "every SINGLE day?" Yep, I have kids now, but Eric is 7 and this is my 13th year at Peace, so you can do the math. Also, it really wasn't a big deal to check it every single day. For me, it was part of my job anyway. And for everyone else you have to remember that this was before Facebook (which a lot of people check everyday now.) Gosh, the message book was also before MySpace and Xanga. I really think that there were several years in which MOST of the Youth Group would check the message board every single day... and write on it often. You could usually check back a few times a day and see new posts. (Sigh....) Things started to go downhill back in the day when everyone had a Xanga account. They would post to their Xanga blogs instead. Then when Xanga died, there was a bit of a resurgence for the message board, but then when everyone finally got Facebook it just fell off a cliff. The new teens weren't used to checking it or posting on it at all, and there was nothing we could do to breathe new life into it.

It does stink, because now there is much less motivation at all for people to check the website regularly. It would be nice to think that there would be massive protests to bring back the message board, but I don't think that is going to happen! Still, I don't really have to DELETE the message board and it's paid for until next fall, so we'll see. It can at least be the underground message board until then.

Re: Fare thee well, dearest board of messages...

Eric... is... SEVEN?!?!?!?!?

Go underground message board!!

School & Year: MBI 2010