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Re: john wayne question

A frequently asked trivia question is: In how many films did John Wayne's character die? The answer is as follows:

His character's death is seen in the following films:

The Shootist - He is killed in a gunfight at the end of the film.

The Cowboys - He is killed by Bruce Dern's character.

The Alamo - Playing Davy Crockett, he is killed by a Mexican soldier's lance.

Sands of Iwo Jima - He is killed by a sniper's bullet at the end of the film.

Wake of the Red Witch - He dies as the ship sinks.

The Fighting Seabees - He is shot by a sniper.

Reap the Wild Wind - He is trapped inside the wreck of a sunken ship after a fight with a giant squid and drowns.

His character's death is not shown in the following:

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance - His character is dead at the beginning of the film, and the story is told in flashback by James Stewart who is attending his funeral.

The Sea Chase - Lana Turner and Wayne are on a ship when it sinks, but the possibility that the characters survived is left open.

The Deceiver - Ian Keith's character died, but the corpse was played by John Wayne.

Central Airport - John Wayne has a very minor role as the co-pilot of an aircraft that crashes into the ocean.


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What are the titles of all of the movies that John Wayne starred in, where he was killed?

Re: Re: john wayne question

Thanks for the info, and the rapid reply.