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Question on Hart to Hart episode

Can someone tell me what was the first episode filmed after the death of Natalie Wood? I ask because there is one specific scene in the episode "The Harts Strike Out" (if I remember correctly) that was so deeply moving, it seemed effect both Stefanie and R.J. beyond the situation in the episode (both having lost someone so dear to them). I remember Natalie's passing had a deeply saddening effect on me and I think it was this episode that rather brought some comfort to me. I was just curious if this was the first episode filmed after the tragedies, or one of the first. I'd appreciate any help.


Re: Question on Hart to Hart episode


The first H2H episode filmed after Bill Holden and Natalie Wood died was "Hart of Diamonds."


Re: Re: Question on Hart to Hart episode

Oh wow. Thanks. Maybe you can answer one more H2H question for me that's a little harder (maybe).

I want to say that it's a 2nd season episode, but I'm probably wrong. I remember I really liked the episode. There is a scene, near the end of the episode, where Jennifer has been hypnotized. She goes, I think, to Jonathan's office and points a gun at him. She's been hypnotized to kill him. When she points the gun at him, she can't do it and tears start to fall. Jonathan, in turn, points a gun back at her with sadness in his eyes (sounds a little sappy as I write it. ) I thought this episode might be "Ex-Wives Can Be Murder" because I could have sworn actress Dana Wynter was in the episode but, again, I'm probably wrong. If you can help, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!


Re: Re: Re: Question on Hart to Hart episode

Hi, Melody,

Jennifer was hypnotized by Capucine in "Hart of Diamonds."

Isn't it weird tht Capucine, Bill Holden's old flame, was the guest star on the first episode of H2H filmed after his death?


Re: Re: Re: Re: Question on Hart to Hart episode

HOW in the world did I get Capucine mixed up with Dana Wynters? LOL!! It's been so long since I've seen that episode, which is probably why. Thanks for your help! I really appreciate it.