Essex Witch Trials

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DNA, reincarnation & wicca; ESSEX and SALEM

Hello: I am trying to find links between DNA and reincarnation in relationship to wiccan heritage and ancestry. My English ancestors were from ESSEX and came to New England in the early 1600s. I have found one of my ancestors, a WILLARD was involved in the Salem Witch trials in MASSACHUSETTS. Among the lists here, a possible connection might be to Elinor SHAW as the SHAWS inter-married with the FOGGs of Essex in MAINE.
I would love any comments regarding thoughts on how DNA might contain memories of our ancestors and any identifying birthmarks. Also whether others think that reincarnation and ancestry are intertwined in wicca or otherwise.

I would love to find a wiccan ESSEX cousin. Wicca is alive and well here in Santa Cruz, CA. I am researching the subject of wicca in general. Any books to recommend appreciated.
Donna Deiss, POB 7484, Santa Cruz, CA. 95061,