Essex Witch Trials

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Witchcraft and Paganism
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I don't think witches deserves to be executed!!!

I don't think that witches in early years deserved to be executed just because they were members of Wiccans. People always get the wrong impression of the word witch. They think that witches cursed things or people and make thing happen even thought we know that it will cause some problems so called as threefold but many people make these mistakes too just in different way. Witches just want to help people. And it wasn't their fault that they were born

like that. I think it's very brave to go in the dark and do those things they weren't scared because they know that the Gods and Goddesses are protecting them. So I think witches are so good.

Re: I don't think witches deserves to be executed!!!

The devil makes people suffer with sorcery and witchcraft. God wants people be to be good and happy. Witches do much harm and nothing good at all. They are feminist and try to corrupt the real world. They should know better not to mess with reality.