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Youth Fall Question of the Season

When Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden, God banished them from the garden. Since then all of their descendents (us) have had to overcome this "original sin". Some see it as the wrath of God. Why would we be held accountable for their sin? (Submitted by the Christians Under the Stairs Youth Group, Deer Park, NY on Oct. 7, 2007)

Re: Youth Fall Question of the Season

I would not use the term "Wrath of God " . I would point out that once man acquired the knowledge of good and evil , the event which triggered the banishment , and already posessing the gift of free will that the race of man being if an IMPERFECT nature is constantly confronted with the responsibilty of using this knowledge to the Glory of God . We , unlike animals, have the free will to do good or evil . We must be guided by the teachings of our faith(s) to do the right thing . We are imperfect so we will on many occasions during our lifetime make the wrong choice . We must search our faith to try to make the correct choices and also to rectify our mistakes at our earliest opportunities .
Faith and works has always been the rock and hard place of Judeo Christian teaching . Good works are important to be sure but good works without the underlying faith are nothing ! Let me illustrate , A notorious criminal has donated a large sum of his ill gotten fortune to build a wing on a hospital , but if he continues to carry on a criminal life that is clearly a good work without the underlying faith . I guess I would sum it up that God's gift to humanity of free will comes with the responsibilty to use it wisely !

Re: Youth Fall Question of the Season

For those who see this event as depicting the "wrath of God", they do not see the question raised by the young people clearly. If this was truly the wrath of God, would God not have supplied a greater punishment?

The essence of the event is that once and only one time in scripture do we learn of God walking on the earth with all of its beings - in a time when the world was without sin. There is no punishment passed along to us. Just the removal of the possibility of God walking with us here on earth.

God gave Adam and Eve the chance to eat the apple ...and they ate it he could no longer remain in the world due to their sin. We now live in that time of separation from God until the new heaven and perfect earth appears - God's future kingdom. Then we will once again walk with God.

Re: Youth Fall Question of the Season

One man has brought on evil, pestilence and disease. But God remains in control and sent his son, Jesus, to take on the "wrath", as some of the youth see it, of a fallen world. God sent his son so that our world can be whole again. Trust God. He sent his son to show us he is a God of love not of wrath. He wants to clearly show us that love. We need to open our eyes to see it. It is all around us ... even for people who have no exposure to God's word. It is demonstrated in the wonders of this beautiful, wonderfully created earth.