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Re: Re: Christian Music

My Favorites over the years are " Eternal Father Strong to Save " , " A Mighty Fortress " and "What a Friend We Have in Jesus "

Re: Christian Music

"Bring me back" by Thys Meades and "Safe in your hands" byTerry Prig, were very important and inspiring to me in my early christian years, gave me strenght to carry on and encourage me to stay close to the Lord. I like a lot "Awesome God (Your Voice)" by Vicky Beeching , first it was the music, but it has short but strong lyrics that proclaims Gos majesty. " I need you" by ChirisTomlin, came to me in moments were I needed strenght and decision, the lyrics got right through my heart. Actually there are two records wich all the songs are kind of my favorites both for the music and lyrics "Wonderful Mercy" recorded live in SOuth Africa, and "Holy" from UK, both from Vineyard music.

Re: Christian Music

Lean on Me, though not a traditional “Christian” song, the lyrics and music touch me. We always need a friend and someone to lean on. Youth group gives me good friends.

Re: Christian Music

Wind Beneath my Wings by Bette Midler. I sang this song at my father’s funeral and now, every time I hear it, it brings a tear to my eye. But then I remind myself that he is safe in the hands of the Lord and that tear turns to a smile.

Re: Christian Music

Here I Am Lord A song that is very special to me is “Here I Am Lord. I always knew the song from church and I think that the words are so touching and meaningful. When I first heard the song, I was just about to be confirmed and, at that time, I was completely aware of my devotion to go forward.

The song, “Here I am Lord” became even more meaningful to me one Easter at my family’s home in New Jersey. When praying for my grandfather, who passed away years ago, we all began singing the song. Due to my high pitched, angelic-like voice, my voice stood out amidst my family. Because I truly believe I was brought to this world to spread God’s word and to help children, I began to cry while singing it. Ever since my family never fails to point out examples of how I can make a difference in the world and all the ways I can make the world a more Christian place for love.

I believe whole-heartedly in the words of the song because my goal in life is to” turn people’s hearts of stone for love alone”, as the song calls us to do. The song really describes my inner feelings.

Another instance was right after my father had his heart attack. I had to take care of him and the house as I was the only one there when the ambulance had to come and it was just my father and I. My father and I always had a close connection – closer than anyone in our family and, when my father feels pain, I do as well. When my father was recuperating, we would sit down together and sing hymns together - because my father is completely devoted to Christ. I see him as an amazing role model and people always tell me that I am “my father’s daughter”.

Here is the chorus to “Here I am Lord”…
Here I am, Lord … is it I, Lord?
I have heard you calling in the night.
I will go, Lord … if you need me
I will hold your people in my heart

Re: Christian Music

Favorite song - Pass It On

There are so many hymns and songs that have meaning to me. As a child I would sing “This is My Father’s World” as I would walk down trails in the 15 acre woods adjacent to my home. I knew every trail and turn by heart. As an adult “Great is thy Faithfulness” fills my heart with emotion and faith while “As the Deer” soothes my soul.

How can I forget hearing Tahitian Christians singing “Amazing Grace” in a small chapel on a Sunday morning on the island of Huahine. Then there was “Day by Day” which we taught a group of El Salvadoran teenagers in their native language and in English last summer during a mission trip. At Christmas time “Mary Did You Know” is as reflective as it is beautiful. It is all the more special after hearing three of our young people perform it at a Christmas show last December.

But I do have a favorite. I first heard the song “Pass It On” when I began doing youth work in the early 1970’s. Its campfire theme reflects the many days spent around a campfire with family and friends. The beautiful melody is memorable but it is the words that have the most meaning….
It only takes a spark to get a fire going
But soon all those around will warm up to its glowing
That’s how it is with God’s love, once you’ve experienced it
You want to sing; it’s fresh like spring; you want to pass it on.
Yes, that is the mission we all have on earth … to pass on the love God fills our hearts with.

Re: Re: Christian Music

I have so many songs that I love, but the one that sticks to to my head is, "Praise You In The Storm," by Casting Crowns. I just recently was tested by God with my finances and car, but instead of feeling discouraged, that song stuck to my head and I just kept singing, and it helped me!! God Bless

Re: Christian Music

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to listen to your song, Praise Him( playing on the home page of the website). It was really something to write home about. Like the lyrics said, this is a call and we must do everything within our reach to answer this call. One way to answer this call is by using our talents to help our fellow brethren who were not fortunate enough to know this truth. You have really proved your stand in the Lord, and your song, from my point of view, is one that can cause a sinner to turn around. You did not only inform the people about the one who is to be praised, but you also reveal to them of our hope as partakers of this divine blessing which the death of Christ has brought to mankind You are such a wonderful man I must admit.

I also enjoy listening to Women of Faith. I love their songs because it reminds me of the everlasting love of God, His goodness and His sure promises to us. Why we are running short of his glory is due to our ignorance of heeding to His word. In their songs, they try to point out these facts thereby, letting the people know the reason for the calamity that has fallen upon humanity. I am moved to serve the Lord even after knowing all these things.

Editor ... Light is a young musician in Togo, trying to make his way sharing the gospel in song. See his tesimonial on the Youth Speaks Out page.