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Re: Christian Music

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to listen to your song, Praise Him( playing on the home page of the website). It was really something to write home about. Like the lyrics said, this is a call and we must do everything within our reach to answer this call. One way to answer this call is by using our talents to help our fellow brethren who were not fortunate enough to know this truth. You have really proved your stand in the Lord, and your song, from my point of view, is one that can cause a sinner to turn around. You did not only inform the people about the one who is to be praised, but you also reveal to them of our hope as partakers of this divine blessing which the death of Christ has brought to mankind You are such a wonderful man I must admit.

I also enjoy listening to Women of Faith. I love their songs because it reminds me of the everlasting love of God, His goodness and His sure promises to us. Why we are running short of his glory is due to our ignorance of heeding to His word. In their songs, they try to point out these facts thereby, letting the people know the reason for the calamity that has fallen upon humanity. I am moved to serve the Lord even after knowing all these things.

Editor ... Light is a young musician in Togo, trying to make his way sharing the gospel in song. See his tesimonial on the Youth Speaks Out page.