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A question

what does youth group need to do in order to grow spiritually according to Gods standards?

Re: A question

Love God through a real relationship. They must connect with a REAL to them God like I know. If we love God our Savior, everything else in our Christian walk will fall into place because he will be leading us how down his will.

Tyler Johnson
Youth Pastor
Center Hill Baptist Church
Linden, Texas

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Re: A question

In response to Tyler Johnson’s response … yes, young people and, in fact all of us, must connect with God. The question that is before us is: how? Let me share the following about how youth connect. There are three ways:
1. Develop the ability to listen to God’s voice through prayer.
2. Per Matthew 25, we see God in the eyes of the poor, the hungry, the sick and those in prison. Provide opportunities for youth to reach out to them in love and youth will connect with God.
3. Youth have a natural inclination to question things of faith – that is fine. So did Nicodemus and the questions he posed to Jesus, gave us some of the most profound statements of faith in all scripture (John 3). Create opportunities for youth to share their questions, their doubts, their hopes, their dreams and their prayers. (See activity, “Trust and Prayer” on the activities page of this website).
Try not one of these but all three and you and your youth group will grow spiritually.

Re: A question

The only problem with this Mr. Ferguson is that is a generic relationship that is established through particular steps... one thing I have found in my walk with Christ and throughout the Bible is that God works with each individual as an individual. So I am skeptical about giving youth a step by step program on how to find God... If you study the Bible constantly and are in constant prayer (like David was) you will meet God in a very personal manner. Constantly seek after God through his word and in prayer. I do believe those steps will enhance your relationship with God, but only after you know God.

To KNOW God is to FEAR God
To FEAR God is to LOVE God
To LOVE God is to OBEY God

This is just extra here and my opinion on the world and why we see what we see today and why people don't experience a REAL God. Instead of making ourselves to be more like Him, we have made God to be more like us. Not too many people KNOW God anymore. I say that because I do not believe many people who go to church every Sunday FEAR God. If we truly feared God, our sins would not be so care free at times or all the time with some people. People have forgotten the God that revealed himself in the Old Testament and He will soon judge and it is not going to be pretty. Our world is much worse than in Noahs day and our countries are far worse than Sodom. A warning to all who read this...GET IN YOUR BIBLE, because once you KNOW who God is you will have no choice but to FEAR God!!! I love all you brothers and sisters in Christ and Thank you so much Mr. Ferguson for all of your information and details they truly will help many people including me. My prayers go out to all!

Re: A question

Naturally I am assuming that the group you want to grow spiritually are already Christians. The Bible says that we must become more Christ like in our lives. This would equate to spritual growth. So in the interest in that teach the teens to make their faith their own and not their parnents. Teach them why to belive the Bible, who God and Christ are and how that effects them today. I have found that Ryrie's basic theology makes if very simple to translate to a relatable context. I would take all three of the suggestion also given on the activity site and use them all and tie that into their daily lives. With solid teaching, relatable ties, and life experience I have seen great spiritual growth.

Chris Whited
Youth pastor NorCal

Re: A question

I think ultimately i feel responsible to the Lord in a different way for every child. Whether a child is just barely reaching for their first experiences with the Lord and the Holy Spirit, or whether they need to be fed meat in the Word and are ready to be trained as leaders themselves, I feel responsible before the Lord to provide that. Not too fast for the little ones and not too slow for those that are given.

It's not an easy balance, but i strongly believe that a youth groups first responsiblity is providing a river of living water for any kid at any level. If we are all to grow up into the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. We all have some work to do.

As a side note i think the biggest downfall of many youth groups i find, is the sole focus on games and friendships. I believe these aspects play an extrememly important role in youth group, but if there isn't an honest opportunity for the kid to be met by the Lord either in worship or word every meeting... i think the meeting has failed. Ultimately, the kids come back because they are finding the Lord.

Re: A question

John … Thank you for your words of wisdom, listed on your post. I cannot agree with you more. The temptation to simply provide fun and games is great. It will make us popular with the young people but, of course, this is not why we are in youth ministry.

Three years ago as I was seeking a publisher for my book, one “Christian” publisher advised that my book was interesting but did not have enough activities like “paintball” or “dodgeball” in it. Write something that was more fun and they would consider it. I was quite surprised and chose not to change the text because I felt God was calling me to primarily record those activities developed to enhance our youth’s spiritual lives. ( )

We youth leaders face a challenge every time that crowd of teenagers walks into our meeting place: to provide moments of fun while challenging the faith of our young people. It the midst of such activities an atmosphere must be established to create lasting, supportive Christian friendships and to provide an opportunity to worship together. Every Sunday night, when I present my program, I think of these three things- fun, faith and friends and I make sure there is a bit of all three in all programs.

Thank you for your contribution to the website.

Tim Ferguson

Re: A question

I agree Tim . It has often been said that a government can not legislate morality , but parents and church leaders must surely implant morality or they are failing in their responsibility to the next generation .

Re: A question

read your bible and apply what you learned to your every day life asking GOD to grant you understanding of his word keep asking questions seek and you shall find love you my brother /sister in christ