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Computer Singularity and the Spirit of God

An article in a most recent issue of Time Magazine, dated February 21, 2011, reports that the human race is facing a singularity. Now what is a singularity? In astronomical terms it is what existed at the moment of the Big Bang, the moment of creation. But the author in Time is talking about a much different singularity. This singularity will occur when computer power becomes greater than human brain power.

The author uses a mathematical model that predicts this will occur in the lifetime of many of us, some 30 to 40 years in the future. In some ways it will be glorious - at least in theory. The author predicts that computer programs will know how to overcome aging, disease and death. But all this comes at a price ... we humans will become a piece of software to the all-consuming computer brain.

What the theory completely misses is the spiritual component of the human soul. The emergence of this future singularity has the human race walking down an endless boardwalk to the ocean and a setting sun. It predicts that we will never get to the end of that boardwalk as the sun is setting. But do we? Do we get there before the brilliance of the sun disappears and the darkness of the singularity emerges? Is there something spiritual that is existent that keeps the human spirit in the light, overcoming the power of the emerging singularity. Let's assume that the author is correct about the expansive knowledge and power of the computer. What do you think the future holds for the human race? Share your thoughts in this forum.