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Re: Catholic Christians

I am something of a minority in this world . Italian American Presbyterian . My parents changed churches in the early 1960's I am an Elder in the Presbyterian Church . We do things a little differently than Roman Catholics but we have so many things in common that it does not pay to focus on the differences .God calls people to faith in different ways , celebrate the differences but remember what we have in common . We all learn from each other in this life . My first cousin lost both parents while he was in college , he met a Bhuddist girl and married her , he converted to Bhuddism because his wifes family is all that he has now . Believe it or not there are things that Bhuddism has in common with Christianity . He is still my cousin ,he just worships a little bit differently . Right is still right wrong is still wrong . We should give mutual respect to what is different and celebrate what we have in common ! Vaya con Dios !