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In the 20th century there arose a system of dictatorial governments based on the writings ok Karl Marx in which Communism was the be all and end all of the countries that were ruled by this system . All religions were persecuted and driven out of existence with the exception of a small underground movement . Communism was the state religion and those religious leaders that did not knuckle under and remained visible were imprisoned , the most famous case was Joseph Cardinal Mindszenty in Hungary . The Communist system had no moral grounding whatsoever , the end justified the means . There was no right and wrong there was what the commissar wanted and how much force , extortion, or bribery that would be exerted to get it . There must be a moral touchstone for a society to enjoy longevity . This does not mean that there must only be Christianity ,because Judaism and Islam and Buddhism have strong moral building blocks in their teachings . Christians and for that matter all religious people are not perfect , all have fallen short of God's glory but your salvation is through your faith and your works . God has given mankind free will , humans will make bad choices but our faith will show us how to right the wrongs that we do and forgive those who have wronged us . You can not prove or disprove the existence of God in a scientific way we must take the existence of God on faith alone and realize that God calls people to faith in different ways . We must be open to that call .