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Re: Welcome to your Bravenet Forum!

Ok guys,
I had messages comming to my e-mail everytime someone posted on the last web site. Can you let me know how to get it to send me the messages now that the website has been redone? Thanks so much-Lora

Re: Welcome to your Bravenet Forum!

...also how can I change my name on my profile back to mrsmafioso?

Re: Welcome to your Bravenet Forum!

Hi Lora! I checked on this and unfortunately it looks like the only way it notifies a person is if you want to be notified if someone replies to one of your messages/posts. Right at the bottom when you type the reply you can click on "Notify me by e-mail when somebody replies to this message." Then it will e-mail you when someone replies to your message. But there doesn't seem to be a way to get updates on when other things are posted.

I was really hoping that the old board would be up and running again but I looked today and I couldn't even get to it!

Hopefully the old board will be working soon because this one definitely isn't as nice as the old one. I'll be crossing my fingers that it's all working again soon!

Re: Welcome to your Bravenet Forum!

I wandered over to Aimoo and it looks like is running and our old threads are back.

Re: Welcome to your Bravenet Forum!

So do we go back to that forum now?

Re: Welcome to your Bravenet Forum!

Thanks for the info! I will post a thread about it right now.