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Lost Spoilers

Episode 4.08: Title Unknown
Airdate: April 2008

11/12 - Ryan from Hawaii Blog revealed: First, the setting was a port somewhere in the South Pacific, second was the presence of a huge Freighter. Could this be the freighter that brought the Minkowskites to the island? Let's not forget that the Oceanic 815 wreckage was also discovered somewhere in the South Pacific. Source: Lost Spoilers
11/11 - There is a mini-cliff-hanger at the end of Episode 8, but it's like the end of an exciting book chapter; it's not the end of the novel. Source: Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide

General spoilers:

11/11 - Greg Grunberg reveals: As a matter of fact, we will [see the pilot again]. Source: BuddyTV (from

Re: Lost mobisodes

'Lost' "mobisodes" will release as Webisodes Nov. 12
Nov 8, 2007, 06:56 AM | by Jeffrey Jensen

Categories: 'Lost', TV Biz

The new season of Lost begins Monday! Kinda. ABC has (quietly) announced that it will begin posting its Lost "mobisodes" (originally intended to debut with Verizon Wireless customers) on Monday, Nov. 12, at The series of two- to three-minute vignettes — collectively known as "Missing Pieces" — kicks off with "The Watch," focusing on Matthew Fox's character. The micro-stories aren't deleted scenes — they're newly-shot material that fits into the larger Lost saga; it's up to the fans to figure out where they belong. A new Webisode will post each Monday.

Re: Lost Spoilers

Lost mentioned in an article on the Fall Network TV Preview:

Lost (Drama) (4th Season)
(Return) ABC, Time to be announced - HD (Midseason)
Cast: Naveen Andrews, Henry Ian Cusick, Emilie de Ravin, Michael Emerson, Matthew Fox, Jorge Garcia, Josh Holloway, Daniel Dae Kim, Yunjin Kim, Evangeline Lilly, Elizabeth Mitchell and Terry O'Quinn. Episodes Ordered: 16. Prod. Co: Bad Robot in association with ABC Television Studio, filmed on location in Honolulu, Hawaii. Executive Producers: J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof (creators); Bryan Burk, Jack Bender, Jeff Pinkner, Carlton Cuse. Casting: April Webster, C.S.A., April Webster Casting, 800 Main Street, #304, Burbank, CA 91506. Extras Casting: Julie Carlson, 680 Iwilei Road, #495, Honolulu, HI 96817-5388.

Re: Lost Spoilers

Episode 4.06: Title Unknown (Juliet-centric)
Airdate: March 2008

11/18 - Episode 6 is Juliet-centric and features the return of three deceased characters: Goodwin, Ethan, and Mr. Friendly. Source: Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide

Episode 4.07: Ji Yeon (Sun/Jin-centric)
Airdate: March/April 2008

11/18 - Fans of the show will be happy to know that we're wrapping up filming on episode seven, which happens to be a Sun/Jin episode, called "Ji Yeon." Source: Daniel Dae Kim on his MySpace page
11/18 - A fan translated a Korean article, this is an extract: "When [Yunjin Kim] received her script, she got shocked to find out the title of her episode; 'Jiyeon', and it is also the name of Sun and Jin's baby. Yunjin is surprised because the name of Yunjin's character in her [new movie 'Seven Days'] is Jiyeon, too. Jiyeon is name of Korean females, and I think it's kind of common name but not that popular one." Source: Lost Spoilers

Episode 4.08: Title Unknown
Airdate: April 2008

11/18 - [Cynthia] Watros and [Harold] Perrineau will show up in Episode 8. Source: Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide
11/18 - From Fiji to New York City, it's been a busy week for Lost. The production returned to Chapin Lane (which previously played Bangkok in a Jack flashback) and the area around Mark's Garage to recreate the Big Apple. Streets were lit up with the Christmas spirit, and people bundled up for the imaginary winter cold. The omnipresent green newsstand was also standing by. A narrow alley, a busy street, a New York Yellow Cab. What could possibly happen here? As it turns out, the "where" and "what" weren't the half of it. It's the "who" that's the real surprise. Over the course of the evening, I and another Lost fan who lived in the apartment building across the street spotted a veritable parade of familiar faces. Harold Perrineau seemed to be the center of attention, which is hardly a surprise since we've seen him in Manhattan. Indeed, his clean cut look suggests that this is a flashback. But who should he meet in a narrow alley, but one M.C. Gainey. And it's not a friendly encounter, either, involving a gun, and a fistfight. The sounds of the confrontation echo down Honolulu streets. Christmas lights are strung everywhere. Smoke machines blanket the ground with white fog. Lights and camera cranes are brought in, as older cars are fitted with New York plates. And what's this? A car crash? Source: Hawaii Blog
11/18 - Kewalo Basin, the small commercial harbor in Kaka'ako, was transformed into the Port of Suva, Fiji's largest port and gateway to its capital city. It was hard to miss the huge "PORT OF SUVA" signs added to the old Kewalo Shipyard building. The freighter Kahana was docked, and a thatched-roof pavilion and Fijian tour bus stood by. Is this Naomi's freighter? Even though she said the wreckage of Oceanic Flight 815 had been discovered in an ocean trench off Bali, the pilot had said he had turned back and was attempting to reach Fiji when the plane broke up over The Island. Or could it be another ship, and another time? Who ends up in Fiji, and when? All the answers will come in due time. But whoever is on board, I'm sure he'll make a splash. Source: Hawaii Blog (from

Re: Lost Spoilers

I posted some of this before but there were a few extra things added I believe: (A fan's report)

Days before my trip to Hawaii I had planned to visit some "Lost" filming locations, and I did it, just like you saw it on my blog. But one thing I had not expected was to gather some exclusive information's about the next season, and, well, that is what happened.

Visiting one of the filming locations one fan approached me and started talking to me, it didn't take too long for him to tell me he had a few spoilers about what lies ahead on lost – more specifically, about the third episode of the fourth season.

He started telling me a lot of things, of course I didn't believe him 100 percent – after all, how would he prove everything he said? That was what I asked, just to get the answer: "I had a part of the script, don't ask me how or where I found it, but I do have it. And, if you want, I can show it to you".

Of course I wanted to see what he had to prove right everything he had told me. Then he walked away and came back 15 minutes later with some papers that proved right everything. Actually it was the filming script or something like that which somebody from the staff or casting had lost.

Ok, ok, I know you want to know what I read on that script…

On the first page of the script there was the name of the third episode, it is called "The Economist".

On the second page there was the confirmation of the names of three new chars: Ken Leugn is going to be Miles, Jeremy Davies is going to be Faraday and Rebecca Mader is going to be Charlotte.

"The Economist" is going to be a Sayid centric episode and will feature a flash-forward. In the future, he will be living in Germany with a girlfriend called Elsa, she is mad at him because he refuses to tell her about his very mysterious new job.

On island, Hurley will pass through bad things. Hurley will be kidnapped, and held prisoner in Juliet's closet at the Othersville – by the way, looks like the losties are going to move to the Othersville. But you all can calm down, Juliet will help him out.

Sayid and Locke will realize there is something wrong with the new comers Miles, Faraday and Charlotte – whom look like to be Naomi partners -, but then they will not know what to do with them. They won't agree with each other.

According to the text, Charlotte will go back to the freighter which is the new comers "headquarters" and, while Sayid wants somebody to go with her to know a little more about those people, Locke tells him that they can be ok because Ben told him they'd have somebody to spy on Naomi's ex friends. (Michael?)

And, a good new for those who are Jater: Kate and Sawyer will pass through a misunderstanding and will no longer be together on this episode."

LOST fans support the Writers
November 20th, 2007
A truly special delivery arrived for the LOST writers on the picket lines outside Disney Studios last week: their own personal Dharma Drop. Fans of the show from The Fuselage organized the care packages and had them hand-delivered to LOST Script Coordinator Gregg Nations. Here are some pics (courtesy of Fuser yukailin, who delivered the DD package), and I have c/p’d Gregg’s response to the package at the end of this post:

The Dharma Drop Box

A very happy Gregg Nations receiving the Dharma Drop

Here is Gregg’s post from his fan club thread over at The Fuselage:

We got the Dharma Drop today on the picket line — you go, Fuselagers! What a nice surprise and a very considerate gift. Not only were the Lost writers appreciative, but other writers on the picket line were thrilled. They all loved the Dharma strike logo you came up with, and I even heard more than one writer say they wished they had fans like the Lost fans. Way to go, everyone! … Oh yes, and a big thanks to Carencey for organizing it so quickly, and Yuk[ailin] for driving it up to Disney…

Re: Lost Spoilers

Correction Appended

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 19 — On the picket lines, striking television and film writers adamantly claim that studios are refusing to pay for the use of writers’ scripts on the Internet.

But ABC Studios is doing just that. Over the next three months fans of the hit show “Lost” can go to to view weekly episodes of “Lost: Missing Pieces,” a series of new two- to three-minute shorts that reveal background information and previously undisclosed details about the stranded inhabitants of the show’s mysterious island.

The “Missing Pieces” episodes were produced under an agreement with the writers’ union that provides for much of what the writers say the studios have been refusing to offer.

Payment for the use of material on the Internet will be a central issue keeping the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers apart when they head back to the bargaining table on Monday.

But as the “Lost” example shows, the two sides have found common ground before, and both have shown interest in giving some ground on the issue.

The “Missing Pieces” episodes were written by the regular writers of the television series, a group that includes Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, executive producers of the series, who also oversaw production of the webisodes. They also feature the show’s regular actors and characters, including Matthew Fox, who plays Dr. Jack Shephard. Mr. Fox appears in the first installment, released last week. The writers, actors and others involved in the production were paid specifically for their work on the Web episodes and will earn residual income, just as they do for the broadcast show.

In an interview Mr. Cuse said that while it took five months to reach an agreement, he believes the “Missing Pieces” deal could serve as a template for resolving at least some of the dispute over payment for online use of material.

“I think it is a pretty good model,” he said last week. “What it shows is that there is basically room for a partnership between writers and the studios in a new medium. It’s where I wish we were headed instead of being stuck in this standoff.”

People close to the studios say they also see some promise in the “Lost” deal, although they note that it was negotiated with a single producers’ alliance member, ABC Studios, rather than with all of the members of the group. The deal also included a clause specifically stating that it did not set a precedent for any future deals and could not be cited as such in future negotiations.

Nevertheless, the television and film studios offered terms similar to the “Lost” deal in the negotiations that took place before writers began their strike on Nov. 5, said Barbara Brogliatti, a spokeswoman for the alliance.

Charles B. Slocum, assistant executive director of the Writers Guild of America West, said in an interview on Friday that he believed “in general terms” that the “Lost” deal created “the pattern that we are looking for in our negotiations,” although he noted that the guild was seeking better financial terms.

“Lost: Missing Pieces” paid the writers of each short episode approximately $800. For that the studio received the right to run the episodes on Verizon cellphones for 13 weeks. After that period, repeats of the episodes or their transmissions on other media — like the Internet — would generate residuals for the writers of 1.2 percent to 2 percent of the fee the studio received to license the material.

Therefore, the episodes now running on, each preceded by an advertisement, are generating for the writers a 2 percent residual. In its contract negotiations, the Writers Guild is seeking 2.5 percent for similar work in the future.

The “Lost” deal represents, for the writers, a significant improvement over similar situations elsewhere. On, for example, fans of “The Office” can find episodes of “The Accountants,” a series of shorts made for the Internet, scripted by writers of “The Office” and featuring regular actors from the show. A short commercial usually accompanies episodes.

But writers of the “The Accountants” received no specific payment for their work and receive no residuals from their continued play. Writers from “The Office,” including Greg Daniels, an executive producer, have objected to that and refused to work on further shorts without a separate agreement.

There is some dispute over exactly what writers want in such agreements, however. Representatives of the studios, who agreed to speak only on the condition of anonymity, said writers were asking to be paid a percentage of the retail price of movies and television episodes downloaded over services like iTunes, and a percentage of the advertising revenues generated when movies or television shows or mini-episodes — like those from “The Office” and “Lost” — are

Re: Lost Spoilers


streamed online.

To the studios that is like the manufacturer of a product’s being asked to pay its workers based on the retail price of what it makes, something the manufacturer has no control over.

Mr. Slocum disputes that, however, saying that the guild is only seeking to be paid a portion of the wholesale price of downloaded content, and a portion of the licensing fee that the studios receive for streamed content. In other words, Mr. Slocum says that the writers are seeking what the studios have said, in principal, that they are willing to pay.

The two sides don’t agree on when payments should begin. The studios want a six-week window in which they can replay full episodes of a television series without paying extra. The time is necessary, they say, to “promote” the series, allowing viewers who missed a show’s regular broadcast to catch up. The writers have said they would accept a much shorter window, of about three days.

Another sticking point remains in how licensing fees are measured. Because ABC Studios, which produces “Lost,” is owned by the same company that owns the ABC television network, which operates, the Writers Guild questions whether the licensing fee being paid from one related party to another is being negotiated fairly.

The guild argues that the best indicator of what is a fair licensing fee is how much advertising revenue the Web site can earn selling ads for the Internet content. The studios object to advertising revenue being brought into the equation at all.

With the two parties seeming to agree in principle that there can be a way for studios to pay writers when their scripts are used for Internet content, the studios and the writers would seem to have already established some sort of foundation for a settlement.

Perhaps that recognition helped push the two sides to agree to return to the bargaining table in a week. As Mr. Cuse said of “The Missing Pieces” episodes, “It’s ironic that these are coming out and flourishing when this is the crux of the issue in our strike.”

Re: Lost Spoilers

Kristen's Spoilers:

G in Chicago: "Lost Without Lost: A Haiku"

Where are my people?
Sandy beaches, shirtless men
Die, hiatus, die!

(Please, please tell me you have some tiny little morsel of info to share on Lost? I’m dying here!)
Ha!...Or make that Ha-lle-freaking-lujah! I do! Check out the spoiler section below, mon cheri!


Heather in Miami: My sincerest condolences that your Hawaii trip was canceled. Is there no justice in the time of the strike?! Anyway, why don't you make it up to yourself by telling us some Lost scoop.
Thanks, Heather. Anyone wanna help me drown my sorrows with some mai tais? As you may know, the Lost production office is an impenetrable fortress of secrecy these days, but I was able to dig up a little scoop that I certainly found fascinating! Sources tell me the series most definitely flashes backward and forward in this season—and until the series ends...yeee! I'm also hearing we get quite a few new characters courtesy of Marsha Thomason's character, Naomi. Word is, Naomi summoned them via walkie-talkie before Locke busted that knife in her back. So, newbies are a-comin'!


First Webisode: The Watch (Jack-Centric)

Second Webisode: The Adventures of Hurley and Frogurt (Hurley-Centric) - NOW AVAILABLE

Re: Lost Spoilers

Third Webisode: King of the Castle (Jack and Ben) - NOW AVAILABLE

Re: Lost Spoilers

According to Kristin from E! Online, Lost will soon be coming to the big screen!

Unfortunately it’s not a lost movie, but it is close… ABC has secured a deal to air promos for the upcoming fourth season of Lost (with new footage!) before all movies rated PG and above in Screenvision and NCM chains in December.

Kristin also says that she heard from Alphabet-net insiders that the upcoming eight episodes filmed so far are “crazy good” and will “even satisfy the haters.”

Great pictures of Naveen from the Lost Panel from October: