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Sort of Naveen related

Elena has some new photos up here:,%20Elena

For now you have to copy and paste the URLs. I've got to set this board so you can post direct links.


Re: Sort of Naveen related

She looks like Mira Sorvino in the eyes. But the lips are all Bozo the clown. Naveen must like big lips. Barbara's are blown up like balloons but not as big as EE's.

Re: Sort of Naveen related

well, if that is true, may2, I am thankful I have full lips. ;) And unlike Barbara (and I suspect Elena), mine are natural!

Re: Sort of Naveen related

i think she's attractive but the lips are bit poofy. what's with the pouty lips? why can't they just be themselves? i was watching something on TV one night, cant' remember who it was, but it was so obvious that they'd had botox injections. their lips were huge and so out of character. too bad i can't remember who it was!! LOL :)