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Naveen Photo Site

Since it's hard to post photos on this board without using html code Lizz had an idea that photos could be posted on the site she and Jessica run. It's at:

They've collected over 1,000 Naveen photos between them. There are so many great Naveen photos there! So if you'd like to post a photo there make sure to contact them!

Welcome on Livejournal

We have joined forces with the Naveen Andrews Fan Forum on Here is their link:

They had one of the largest Naveen Andrews Fan Forum websites in the world, until their host decided to make so many changes on their hosting boards that Shannon, the wonderful and multi-talented owner of Naveen had to change course totally unexpected to a brandnew forum board on Bravenet.
I truly hope everything works out wonderfully and that Naveen Andrews. org will again become the largest Naveen Andrews forum in the world, but till that takes place we welcome their members here to share our pictures.
I would welcome you all to become members on both our websites and The wonderful Shannon's website because I think joined forces for the same smoldering and multi-talented actor Naveen Andrews can only be a very good thing. And perhaps, together, a very big thing. Don't you agree?

This man has all of us in a very tight grip!

Look, he is welcoming the members from Naveen Andrews Fan Forum!

But in order to be able to post pictures here you have to become a livejournal member, that's livejournal policy.
Also a lot of out pictures are edited by me and therefor have different names than the originals.
And the last thing is a very important thing: All these pictures have secrets, go click on one and you'll end up in my personal (still very messy) photo scrapbook, where there are 1.100 pictures already. Click three times on the pictures and it is possible that the hot man will fill your complete screen! (not always but very often)
Plus you'll get free Naveen MOI's (which mean My Own Icons) that you can save and use and sometimes I post Naveen drawings here. If you have any questions, just shoot. I'll do my best to answer them. Enjoy!

Re: Naveen Photo Site

Hi Lizz! Thank you so much for your very kind message. I really appreciate your kind words and I really appreciate all of your help!

Your picture site is great! Gorgeous photos! So many I've never seen before.

Thank you again for all of your help. Have a great day!