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New Spoilers

Episode 4.08: Title Unknown
Airdate: April 2008

12/02 - Although Lost production has essentially wrapped for the year, cameras are still rolling here and there for mobisodes, pick-ups and reshoots.[...] I got an email from Brian and his friend Joel this morning. Here's what they saw: "They were shooting a bunch of scenes with Harold Perrineau coming out of a NYC apartment building, getting in a green car, reading some folded paper that he pulled out of his pocket, and speeding away in his car down the street." A brief scene, to be sure, but it obviously connects to the New York scene they filmed a few blocks away on Nov. 15. Note that the green Dodge Aspen that Michael was driving last night was also part of that earlier shoot, where I'd picked up talk of a car crash. I knew the car wasn't long for this world (thanks to the friend of a friend of a Dodge Aspen owner), but I didn't know until now that it was Michael behind the wheel. Source: Hawaii Blog (from

Re: New Spoilers

When they say wrapped for the year I hope they mean 2007 and not for season 4.

On a brighter note, I just ordered my season 3 DVD.

Re: New Spoilers

Cool that you ordered your Season 3 DVDs!

Yes I really hope they haven't wrapped for the season!